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About us

The first Xelonaki store opened its doors in Larissa, in 1986. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of children's footwear, having now two stores in the heart of the city center, Xelonaki enters a new era by creating its own e-shop, in order to serve the needs for high quality shoes of consumers beyond the area of Thessaly.

In Xelonaki stores, for more than 3 decades we focus on the quality of the products, by choosing the best shoe companies, not only for the first steps of a child, but also for children of all ages up to teenagers. In our stores, you will find products of the pioneer company Kickers, that specializes in anatomical design and is recommended by experts from all over the world as the number one company for the first steps of the child; Biomecanics, which has a registered patent of stability; Naturino, that make shoes so that the walking of the child resembles the beneficial walking on the sand; and many more companies that can provide children with the best possible support throughout their development.

In Xelonaki you will find a wide range of winter and summer shoes, sport, casual and formal, which will satisfy even the most demanding tastes, always with branded signatures and unparalleled quality.

It is our strong belief that children's shoes are not only a stylistic choice, but also the means that will help the children in the proper development of balance and support of their body.